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Reference > File structure

The projects of SimpleCVS has this structure:

PROJECT/root - The official version of the project.
PROJECT/joe - A user directory.
PROJECT/garry - A user directory.

User directory
Inside this directorys the users create and edit your won files. This files, when done, can be moved to the root directory to be in the oficial version.

Root directory
The root is only to control the project and move the files from the user rirectorys to the root. When moving to the ROOT ("Add to ROOT") the same path of directorys inside the user will be created inside the ROOT.

When you run the client all the data of the project will be synchronized. You only can create/modify files inside your user directory! Any changes out of your directory will be lost in the next synchronization.

You only send files to the main server if they are new or modified (different of the file on the server) and are inside your user dir.

You only receive files if they are not in your user directory and are modified. In the first time that you run the client, if the main server project has your user directory you will download it.

SimpleCVS use it won chksum function to get a ident of the files. When a file change this ident change too and are used to check if the files of the projects has the same content between the hosts.

Browsing by the Web Browse you can add tags in the files inside your user directory.

In each update of a file, to the revision number 0.1 is added automatic.

Hidden files
Files and directorys started with '.' and ended with '.cvs' are hidden for
the CVS project:

.chksum.cvs - The chksum of the files
.tags.cvs - The tags and revision number of the files.
.log.cvs - Log of connections and changes in the project.
.removed.cvs/ - Deleted files of the project are moved to this directory.

Blank directories are ignored!