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Installation > Perl

First of all, you need to have Perl installed. If you're at Unix/Linux/Mac OS X, it's most likely that Perl is allready installed. To test this, open a terminal window and type perl -e 'print "Perl is here!\n"'. If you see the line "Perl is here!", then it's all right, otherwise, you will have to read further.

Microsoft Windows doesn't come with Perl out of the box. But do not cry my friend. A quick download from will solve the problem.

Mac OS
If there of some reason does not exists a Perl-binary on your Mac OS X system, or you are still going strong on Classic, you can download it from

Remember that Mac OS X allready has Perl installed. If the test mentioned above doesn't work, you may be just missing the path to Perl in your PATH environment. To investigate this, try running this command: $> /usr/bin/perl -e 'print "Perl is here!\n"'. If that doesn't do the trick, please refer to

Linux and other Unix'es
If you're a real computer user you'll need to get it from one of this places: